Works by Balde Iacob

VIAF ID of the author: 36914132
Alternate name forms (from DNB): Balde, Jacob (NDB); Balde, Jacobo; Balde, Jacobus; Balde, Joannes Jacobus; Balde, Johann Jacob; Balde, Johann Jakob; Balde, Johannes Jacobus; Baldesius, Jacobus; Baldesius, Johannes Jacobus show more...
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek ID: DNB 118506137
Life dates according to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek: 1604-1668
Wikidata id (links to wikipedia articles): Q65850
Corpus IdTitleWordsKBytesEdition
9 Poemata337,0133,514Köln, Camena||bald1|baldepoemata1.html|s002.html|baldepoemata1.xml|bald1/jpg|html|early modern edition|Köln|Busaeus, 1660
9 Solatium Podagricorum27,102269Muenchen, Camena||bald5|baldesolatium.html|bald001.jpg|baldesolatium.xml|bald5/jpg|html|early modern edition|Muenchen|Wagner, 1661.
9 Urania Victrix46,372487München, Camena||bald6|baldeurania.html|bald001.jpg|baldeurania.xml|bald6/jpg|html|early modern edition|München|Wagner, 1663

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