Works by Rogerus Baco

VIAF ID of the author: 120688673
Alternate name forms (from DNB): Bacconis, Rogerius; Bachon, Roger; Baco, Rogerius; Roger, Bacon; Rogerus, Bacon; Rogerus, Ilcestriensis; Baconus, Rogerus; Baco, Roger; Bacco, Roger show more...
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek ID: DNB 118651595
Life dates according to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek: 1214-1292 (Todesjahr evtl. 1294)
Link to Mirabile (SISMEL Firenze):
Life dates according to Mirabile: n. 1210/1214, m. 1294
Wikidata id (links to wikipedia articles): Q171677
Corpus IdTitleWordsKBytesEdition
4 Opus maius236,5511,699Oxford
4 Opus tertium73,034525London, Longman, 1859
4 Secretum secretorum39,439285Oxonii, E Typographeo Clarendoniano, 1920
7 In Aristotelis De generatione et corruptione26,676197Stanford, California

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