Works by Galbertus Brugensis

VIAF ID of the author: 71520289
Alternate name forms (from DNB): Galbertus, Notarius; Galbert, de Bruges; Galbert, of Bruges; Brügge, Galbert von; Galbertus, Clericus; Von Brügge, Galbert (4ELRAKm); VonBrügge, Galbert (RAK alt); Bruges, Galbert de; Galbert, von Brügge
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek ID: DNB 118716174
Life dates according to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek: -1134
Link to Mirabile (SISMEL Firenze):
Life dates according to Mirabile: fl. 1127/1128
Corpus IdTitleWordsKBytesEdition
2 Altera vita Caroli Boni38,588290Parisiis, J. P. Migne, 1854

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