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Lewis : martyrium

martyrium, martyrĭum, ĭi, n., = μαρτύριον, a testimony, sealed with one's blood, to the truth of the Christian religion, martyrdom. Lit. (eccl. Lat.): martyrii palmae, Tert. Spect. 29; Greg. M. Dial. 3, 28: Domini martyrium, Hier. adv. Jovin. 1: sanguine martyrii, Prud. στεφ . 7, 9: sacri martyrii corona, Ambros, Off. 2, 28.

Transf. The place where a martyr is buried, a martyr's grave: martyria negat esse facienda, Tert. adv. Haer. 46; so Cod. Just. 1, 2, 16.

A church dedicated to a saint: martyrium fabricare, Hier. Vita Hilar. 31.